e-CentriX Complaint Handling


This system enables you to not only capture the issues but helps you standardize and simplify the resolution process for every single issue you could ever imagine. It automates and streamlines your work so that not only will you improve customer service and increase client retention, but you can reduce the internal cost of issue handling at the same time. Plus, the root cause analysis will help you eliminate costly repetitive issues and turn complaints into real business advantage.



Service Requests and Trouble Ticket Management
Ensures proper workflow for customer service requests, including complaints, tracking, and trouble ticket management.

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Prioritization & SLA’s
Because some of your customers are more important than others, our system fully  accommodates service level management. Plus, it allows the nature, impact and urgency of issues to increase work prioritization according to your needs.

A wide range of automated notifications can be programmed to your requirements, so as to reduce the manual labour time taken keeping people up to date. Notifications can include e-mail or mobile phone SMS’s.

Workflow customizing
The system can be customized in seconds to follow process and procedures that suit  our business operations.

Combine all your company help desks
This system is so smart, you can streamline and simplify every help desk scenario in  your business. Find out how this amazing system can help revolutionize your business. This is the most cost effective way toincrease business profitability and increase business dependability. Why not put us to the test.

Automated escalations can be programmed to suit your own business needs. They  ensure that no task or duty is ever unknowingly overlooked and that your service levels are measured and maintained. Out of the box, the system provides a series of logical steps to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to perform their tasks before escalating to supervisors or managers. Escalation steps and timings are fully customized.