e-CentriX CMS

e-CentriX CMS ( Collection Management System)

The system will track all payments that have been received and all adjustments that have been made. In addition you can monitor all payment dues and automated.

The customer information window provides access to all loan and demographic information. Within each customer multiple loans may be created and managed. At a glance the users may look at balance information or see detail of all transactions created for each loan.

e-Centrix Collection System includes a report and form tool allowing each loan organization to develop reports and forms for its specific requirements. On a recovery or as needed basis, the loan activity is generated and statements may be printed.

e-Centrix collection is well integrated into e-CentriX Contact Center Solution enable for preview and predictive dialing activity in order to give the best result for the management to make decision and cost effective.

e-Centrix is designed under an open architecture, flexible, expandable and reliable. Each component is analyzed and based on its function accordingly to operational process to be effective and efficient.



• Web based application.
• Complete features of collection process.
• Manual, Preview, and Predictive Dialling.
• Outbound call status automatic detection.
• Integrated with e-mail, fax and SMS
• Integrated with Recording and IVR Module.
• Integrated with Back-office server.
• Support billing system.
• Multiple level of user authority and security.