Multimedia Contact Center


Multimedia Contact Center

Today communication with customers becomes seemless, company must eliminate disperation system to handle call, chat, email and text. Customer will be happier with less waiting time, less frustation and enjoying to contact via their preferred methode of communication. The system will improve contact center efficiencies with service level management and reporting across all interaction media. And for agents will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated

e-centriX Multimedia Contact Center allows customers to contact you in their choice –voice, e-mail, web chat, fax, SMS (short message service), voicemail and walk-in. The systemensures that you are just as responsive to these media as you are on the phone. It is very efficient by integrating and maintaining service levels across all contact types, and monitor and report on them.
1. Real-time monitoring of all multimedia agents and queues.
2. Automated routing of email, web chat, fax, SMS and walk-in medias to the longest idle agent
3. Historical reporting of all media types.
4. Text editor for recording communication with customers.
5. Reporting.