Social Media Contact Center

Social Media Contact Center

Social Media Contact Center is no longer can be avoided, It becomes a way to communicate and interact to customers. The social media becomes an opportunity and reputation to a company.  Company who is not in social media contact center is lost the the huge opportunities. Leverage the reach such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and streamed on YouTube and you build broader in roads to new customers and stronger connection with existing ones.



e-centriX Social Media efficiently and automatically processes the social media interactions, delivering key issue to be taken care to the appropriate resource for response

1. Handling basic function of Facebook and Twitter without opening the Facebook and Twitter.
2. Keeping  all message that have been posted and responed.
3. Keeping all messages mention in Twitter or Facebook.
4. Filtering message to the specific criteria posted by customers.
5. Search function.
6. Reporting.
7. Capable for multiple account Facebook and Twitter.

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