Whether your business is big or small, there are some thingsyou cannot overlook; quality control, verification and liability issues. You have to deploy recording facility in order to maintain your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

RecordiX , from Intelix is the answer. Calls are automatically digitized and recorded to hard drive. With the best high compression scenario, RecordiX can store up to one hundred fifty hours of calls per gigabyte of storage. And it is compatible with all existing
phone systems. Calls are safely stored and easy to be accessed instantly including time, date, call duration, extension and agent as well as caller ID and dialed digits. Its high throughput RAID architecture ensures the highest availability to your business.

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RecordiX is packed with the industry’s most sought after features including email-ready, WAV/MP3 compatibility, features-rich graphical user interface, customized search capabilities, search and playback over LAN, annotation on each recording for valuable supervisor notes and documentation, and many more. Distinguished features like Record on Demand, Keyword Searchable Annotations, Greater Customizing, and “real-time-spy” Capabilities offered in RecordiX bring enterprise-class call recording.

The power RecordiX has been engineered with the customer in mind. Using an open architecture non-proprietary design, our system is statement 100% compatible with all major telephone systems. Our state of-the-art systems offer a solid Unix or Windows platform.

Dedicated Tapping : Analog and Digital (Trunk or Extension Line)
Selected Tapping : Using PBX capability for direction voice to recording server
IP Tapping : Voice tapping recording from TCP/IP voice Network

• Multiple trigger recording
• Optimal Use of Storage Space
• Search & Play back
• Silence Detection Recording
• Selective Record (s) Backup
• Simple Restore from Backup Options
• Management features
• Security features
• CTI Link connection
• UNIX® and Microsoft ® Platform
• Windows based administrator interface
• Server: Intel Architecture
• Backup media : DVD, DAT, ZIP, and CD